Improved Exothermic Torch Rod Igniter

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Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane) has developed, patented, and fielded an innovative new design for an igniter cartridge used in conjunction with torch rods for exothermic cutting. The exothermic cutting process releases energy in the form of heat by using an oxygen jet and a steel rod for fuel. The rod is traditionally ignited by a spark generated from a battery. For mobile operations, bringing a battery can be a challenge. Additional challenges are faced when using a battery under water or attempting to ignite the rod in other challenging environments. This invention addresses the need for a quicker, lighter, and more reliable ignition method for exothermic cutting.

With this igniter cartridge, users can simply remove a safety pin, strike the head of the firing pin, and start the ignition. The firing pin triggers the primer to flash through the separating region and ignite the pyrotechnic slug. As the slub burns, the molten metallic reaction melts the closed end and ignites the firing rod quickly and efficiently. The igniter build by NSWC Crane is as effective on land as it is under the water.

- Requires no power source
- Completely waterproof
- Reliable ignition

Potential Applications:
- Demolition
- Salvage
- Barrier Breaching
- Underwater welding
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