Ultra High-Spray Water Valve

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The ongoing development of increasingly hazardous energetic or explosive materials requires concurrent improvements in the safety system used for their handling and storage. High-speed fire protection and suppression systems are an important response to the risks of those evolving materials. Pressurized containers are a typical mechanism for the discharge of fire suppression agents in explosion suppression systems. However, the limited volume of fire extinguishing material present in a pressurized container can be problematic, and systems that have an unlimited supply of fire extinguishing material, such as a pilot-actuated spraying or sprinkler system, are slow to respond.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane) has developed, patented, and fielded an ultra high-speed deluge water spray valve . The new valve significantly reduces the response time to deliver water and increases the spray volume.

The ultra high-speed water valve or nozzle combines technology used to rupture the discs found in pressurized, container-based fire suppression systems with that found in fixed pipe spray and sprinkler systems. The nozzle projects a small, localized pressure wave at the underside of a frangible disc that is sufficient to rupture the disc in a very rapid manner. This nozzle combines the fast response time of a pressurized container suppression system with the unlimited supply of fire extinguishing material of a spray or sprinkler suppression system.

- Faster response time
- Higher water volume
- Easy to reset

Potential Applications:
- Explosives manufacturers
- Pyrotechnics
- Mining
- Fire suppression
- Military
Utility Patent
United States
Jun 21, 2005
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