Secure VoIP to Analog & Digital Data

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Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division has developed, patented, and fielded a "Secure Voice over Internet Protocol to Analog and Digital Data" device for use in vehicles. The device allows a user to move away from a vehicle or base of operations while maintaining contact with multiple voice and data networks. This device is currently used to transmit and receive crypto-secured voice and data between wideband tactical radio networks, vehicle intercom systems, extra-vehicular remote computing units, and standard voice and data radio communications. Several standard audio and network connections, a module for standard VoIP interactions, and an ability to use most worldwide standard voltages allows for rapid adaptability with other networks and devices.

-Adaptable: Able to use most power sources and can interface between multiple sources of data
-Flexible: Allows multiple organizations to combine voice and data expediently and efficiently into a single device for use by emergency personnel or fleet management.

Potential Applications:
Any organization that has a group of people who need communication and data while away from a vehicle or other base of operations. Examples include:
-Law enforcement
-First responders
-Fleet management
Utility Patent
United States
Aug 14, 2012
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