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Researchers at Purdue University developed a pharmacy career portal for smartphones that list several pharmacy employers and categorizes them according to practice area. Examples of these categories include hospitals, community pharmacies, and pharmaceutical industries. The application provides a link to each employer's career page, allowing pharmacy students to quickly search for internships, residencies, fellowships, or jobs within their scope of practice at any company linked to the Purdue College of Pharmacy. The application provides other information, including links to general pharmacy employment search engines and national pharmacy-related organizations.

-Students can quickly search for internships, residencies, or fellowships
-Available anytime on mobile devices
-Quick access to pharmacy employment search engines and pharmacy-related organizations
-Employers directly benefit from the advertisements provided to the students

Potential Applications:
-Career portal
-Smartphone application
Sep 5, 2014
United States
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Sep 5, 2014
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