Wide Area Noise Cancellation

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Currently, noise mitigation projects in areas unlivable due to noise from features such as high air-traffic congestion, concert venues, and the like are dealt with using unwieldy methods. Examples would include changing the flight path and or altering the noise signature of an airplane by changing the shape. These methods are costly and can be ineffective over time.

NSWC Crane has patented technology for a wide area noise cancellation technology that an be used in open air spaces. This technology has potential applications for not only in-air based sources of noise, such as airplanes, but also ground based applications such as open-air music venues or sporting arenas.

-Open-air: Can be used in a space that is not enclosed and where noise is not confined to a certain boundary.

Potential Applications:
-Aviation Industry
-Urban Planning
-Event Venues
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United States
Mar 14, 2014
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