Field Programmable Multi-Light

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Signaling devices currently on the market are difficult to operate, lack functionality, or have only one specific purpose. Multiple light sources may need to be carried to complete a job. The Field Programmable Multi-Light is a multipurpose, multi-wavelength signaling device that contains infrared, white, blue, and red light sources and features modes such as flashlight, pulse, SOS, and a user reprogram option.

The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, has developed, built, and applied for patent protection for a multilight that is programmable in the field. This device can be used as an infrarad identification marker, emergency SOS, non-radio frequency communication device using Morse Code, flashlight, illumination source, and for many other light source applications. The device can be preprogrammed with patterns or can be used in manual mode where a user has the ability to control the light directly. It is powered by a standard 9v battery, which makes it light weight, easy to carry, and simple to replace the power source. One 9v battery can provide up to 120 hours of continuous use in the field.

- Efficient: Specially tailored power management system utilizes available energy in a standard battery to deliver highly efficient power to the device. Equates to longer battery life and greater performance gains.
- Advanced: Reprogramming capable via an on-board microcontroller. Allows a user to program any flash signal or Morse code signal with the touch of a button.
- Power On/Off: Implementation of a power switch reduces wear and tear and lengthens life of the device.

Potential Applications:
- First Responders
- Rescue
- Safety
- Transportation
- Signaling Device
- Outdoor sporting
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Sep 27, 2016
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