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Prior to the development of this software management system, there was no single homogenized source of data for ship maintenance records, and no automated method for ensuring system-to-record accuracy. The user community was required to manually extract data from multiple sources and maintain individual spreadsheets, with no standardization of method or automated reference validation. No repository of related documents existed and therefore historical metrics were difficult to track. The patent software system and method provides a tailored approach to alteration planning and material management.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, has developed, patented, and fielded a project management software system and method that streamlines the interoperability and integration of multiple data sources. It automates standard work and transaction-based processes while significantly reducing unnecessary work and proving near real-time data visibility to the user community. It provides timely notification of upcoming events and requirements by standard e-mail processes.

Major improvements include:
-Increased first pass yield via improved milestone achievement in the planning phase
-On time deliveries of materials
-Reduced program costs with increased and more efficient process controls and automated metrics captured, which lead to on-time end goad completion.

The software system minimizes human intervention in areas such as: logistics tracking, configuration control, installation milestone riteria, alteration planning, scheduling, and automated dissemination of tasking. It also displays and automatically disseminates tasking current implementation information and milestones in an easily maintained and standardized format

-Allows for "kitting up" total deliverable, including documentation, early and accurately
-Automaton ensures fewer documentation errors, reduced number of missed requirements, and improved identification of shortfall casualty

Potential Applications:
-Project implementation milestone and schedule manager
-Predictive tool for out-year implementation and budget development
-Ship yards
-Cruise lines
-Manufacturing industry
-Government and Military markets
-Any federated warehouse environment
May 26, 2009
Utility Patent
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Apr 10, 2012
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