Electrical Interface Assembly

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Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, has developed, patented, and fielded an electrical interface for modular panels used in a mobile structure, such as a truck or van. These modular panels allow for maintenance or upgrades, have simplified wiring, and save valuable space. Unique features of this system include the ability to replace or repair modular panels in the field while maintaining electromagnetic interference protection.
This technology relates to electrical interface assemblies and to interface assemblies including modular panels and configured to be supported within the wall of a mobile structure. The design is configured to be supported within the wall of a mobile structure, such as a vehicle. This is an improvement because the signal entry panels are protected from rain, snow, soil and debris. This invention is fielded.

- Modular design provides for improved maintenance and ease of use
- Unique electrical interface simplifies installation and repairs

Potential Applications:
- Portable broadcasting
- Module ground communications with satellite ability
- Event management support
- Communications center
- Portable wi-fi center
- First responder communications
Jan 29, 2010
Utility Patent
United States
Oct 9, 2012
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