Device for Deactivating Electronic Systems

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In today's complex environment, there is a need for military, police, or other entities to disengage or degrade hostile electronic equipment, or disable explosive devices from a distance. Using conventional weapons or methods to accomplish these tasks may cause unwanted casualties or damage to certain equipment.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, has patented technology for an electromagnetic weapon designed to disable electronic equipment. It includes semi-randomly arranged antenna elements and a central computer. The antenna elements are coordinated to function as an active phased array capable of finding and exciting a resonate target. The computer controls the antenna elements and is able to determine the location of the antenna elements. The invention has the potential to pinpoint and destroy electronics or disable explosive devices without causing collateral damage.

Potential Applications:
- Demolition
- Law Enforcement
- Military
- First Responder
Sep 21, 2004
Utility Patent
United States
May 30, 2006
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