Laser with a Subwavelength Hole Array in Metal Film

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How to achieve unidirectional laser output in the high loss visible wavelength regime is a long-standing problem in laser devices made of metallic cavities. Currently, there are demonstrations of lasing in metallic resonant cavities with resonant wavelength in the visible or with unidirectional propagation direction, but not both.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a design of a two-dimensional laser device using subwavelength hole arrays in metallic thin film. Lasers with this design can work at room temperature and operate in the visible wavelength regime with unidirectional propagation. Lasing performances can be adjusted by varying the dimensions of the periodic holes. This design also allows for lasing with low threshold and high efficiency.

-Operates at room temperature
-Operates in the visible wavelengths with unidirectional propagation
-High efficiency

Potential Applications:
-Laser manufacturing
Feb 25, 2015
Utility Patent
United States

Feb 25, 2014
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