Wireless Chemical Sensor with Magnetically Functionalized Hydrogels

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Environmentally sensitive hydrogels can exhibit reversible volume and shape responses to a variety of chemical and physical stimuli such as temperature, pH, specific ions, antigens, polynucleotides, glucose, etc. These responses have been utilized to fabricate a variety of chemomechanical sensors, actuators, and intelligent drug delivery platforms. Various optical, conductive, capacitive, gravimetric, magnetic, and piezoresistive transduction schemes have been used to interrogate the hydrogel volumetric response. Hydrogels are particularly attractive materials for implantable wireless sensors since they do not require an onboard power source, enabling smaller device dimensions and reduced system complexity.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a wireless chemical sensor based on magnetically functionalized hydrogels (ferrogels). By embedding superparamagnetic nanoparticles into the hydrogel network and laminating the hydrogel on a planar coil, the swelling state of the hydrogel, which depends on the chemical environment, can be interrogated by measuring its magnetic permeability. To validate the chemical sensing principle, a pH sensor is fabricated using a poly (methacrylic acid-co-acrylamide) pH sensitive hydrogel, and repeatable, reversible responses are obtained to pH changes, which are easily discriminated down to 0.1 pH unit. It is anticipated that the same scheme can be applied to hydrogels sensitive to different stimuli (e.g., glucose, specific ions, antigens, temperature, etc.), and that this sensor can be configured for implantation and wireless monitoring.

-Magnetic nanoparticles allows wireless monitoring
-Fabrication without using MEMS processing techniques

Potential Applications:
-Health monitoring
-Wireless monitoring
Dec 1, 2014
United States
Jun 19, 2018

Dec 1, 2013
United States
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