Bag Holder Adds Recycling Option Without Additional Receptacles

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For most large events, both trash and recycling receptacles are provided to ensure proper waste disposal. These bins must be stored when not in use. Therefore, compact receptacles would help cities and venues save space and money.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed an inexpensive, no maintenance alternative to recycling receptacles for large events. The product is an 8" aluminum ring with a 2" wide hook welded to the ring. This hook extends approximately 4.5" above the ring making it available for signage. This hook is made to secure the ring to a 55 gallon drum or other types of trash receptacles. The ring is made to hold a properly sized recycling bag (one that touches the ground for support). Metal or plastic clips connect the bag to the ring.

-Feasible solution for recycling bins
-Does not require additional storage space
-Does not require any additional maintenance

Potential Applications:
-Low-cost recycling for large events
Jan 17, 2014
Design Patent
United States
Apr 28, 2015
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