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Researchers at Purdue University have developed Passport, a unique digital system to engage students and provide a means of assessing and demonstrating learning in an interactive way. Teachers can go online and setup a series of learning activities that are presented as a series of challenges. Students can then selectively complete each challenge in order to receive digital badges that demonstrate their learning, completion, skills, and achievements.

Passport utilizes the Open Badges Infrastructure (OBI) created by Mozilla to format the badges, which allows for the sharing and mixing of badges from other providers to give a more complete learning transcript. Open badges have associated metadata that helps demonstrate the value of the credential, such as issuer of the badge, description of the badge, credentials for completion, and links to the evidence of learning. The Passport system has been deployed as a part of Purdue's internal MOOC structure and can be adapted for other universities and corporate training and certifying entities.

For additional information on Passport, please click this link:

-Interactive and award driven
-Allows mixing of badges from other providers

Potential Applications:
-Universities - student recognition
-Corporations - employee recognition
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