A New Ornamental Basil - "Magical Michael"

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Purdue University researchers have developed an ornamental variety of basil that is a moderately short plant, usually 40-50 cm high, that matures quickly. The shape is round with a flattened top where most of the inflorescences develop. The inflorescences are the basis for the uniqueness and elegance of this new variety. They are compact purple spikes that bear numerous small pink flowers in whorls of six all along the stem. In addition, the leaves are medium size and have an attractive, deep green color. The plant also has a very sweet aroma caused by the two main components of the oil.

This plant is not only a very attractive ornamental plant, but it is also an excellent culinary herb that will add excellent flavor to dishes.

-Purple inflorescence makes plant very attractive ornamentally
-Leaves have an attractive, deep green color that contrasts the inflorescence
-Excellent culinary herb

Potential Applications:
-Seed companies
Feb 28, 2002
Plant Patent
United States
Jun 10, 2002
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