SPEAK more! - An App for Language Intervention in Autism

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About 25 to 40 percent of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) have severe speech and language impairments and depend on alternative means of communication, such as electronic devices, gestures, or graphic symbols. iPads and other tablet devices have become popular, but communication on such devices is limited and utterances usually do not surpass single word responses.

Purdue University researchers have developed a language-learning app called SPEAK more! that provides systematic training to increase vocabulary and sentence complexity for children with ASD. This app utilizes a matrix training approach to help children discriminate relationships between symbols and referents and to induce generalization to novel combinations of symbols from two or more semantic classes. As a result, children were able to comprehend and express untrained, mufti-word utterances. This technology was created for children with ASD; however, it can be equally effective for children with other developmental disabilities and normally developing children experiencing language development delays. Matrix training is applicable when the combination of two or more elements and their generalization need to be taught. For instance, this app also could be used to teach play skills or preliteracy skills.

To view a video related to the related technology, SPEAK all!, click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAVRqsdgReY

-Improves vocabulary and complexity of utterances in individuals with more severe forms of ASD
-Improves generalization skills
-Can be used with both verbal and nonverbal clients
-Allows matrix training on tablet devices
-Allows transfer of newly learned vocabulary onto other devices/platforms
-Can be bundled with companion product "Speak all!" - an AAC app for voice output
-Can be applied across a variety of neurodevelopmental language disorders
Apr 18, 2013
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May 17, 2013
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