An All Silicon Optical Transistor

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Optical devices hold several advantages over electronic devices, such as speed, energy efficiency, and resistance to electrical interference; however, optical devices are currently limited mostly to data transfer applications. The development of practical optical logic components could expand their use to producing computers that run at faster speeds.

Researchers at Purdue University have reached a milestone for this goal by developing an optical transistor on a silicon chip. The transistor is analogous to an electrical transistor with ports for gate, supply, and output, and uses the resonance of the light waves to switch the output based on the gate input. It also has a fan-out capability that can drive a number of other such transistors, providing a multistage cascade for logic functions. Because the transistor is all silicon, it can be integrated with existing CMOS fabrication, making it practical to produce and integrate with existing electronics, including non-optical devices.

-Compatible with CMOS fabrication
-Capable of driving multiple types of devices

Potential Applications:
-Electronics Industry
-Semiconductor Industry
Nov 10, 2014
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Sep 22, 2015

Oct 15, 2012

May 9, 2012
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