All Silicon Passive Optical Diode

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Electrons moving through an electronic circuit have a limited speed, so with faster chips always in demand, engineers may switch to optical circuits. By using light instead of electrons to transport and process information, higher transmission speeds are possible. This technology has already been used in fiber-optic data transmission and other specialized applications, but the lack of practical optical logical components has limited its use in computational applications.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a design for a new silicon-based optical diode that can be integrated with existing complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology. Diodes are an important component in electrical circuits, which only allow currents to pass in one direction. Logical gates, the basis of digital computing, can be created by combining diodes with other electric components. Existing designs for optical diodes are not silicon-based or compatible with CMOS devices, which limits integrating them into existing electronics. The new design has been realized with a higher nonreciprocal transmission ratio than existing designs.

-Optical computing components allows for faster silicon chips
-Compatible with existing CMOS environment
-Higher nonreciprocal transmission ratio than existing designs

Potential Applications:
-Electronics industry
-Semiconductor industry
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