Affinity Capture Materials for Protein Structural Analysis

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Currently, it is difficult to isolate a protein sample that is pure and maintains its native conformations for structural analysis. Knowing the shape of a protein helps to understand the function and how it interacts with other proteins and nucleotides.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a material to capture proteins from crude samples that has high affinity for the specified protein and low non-specific binding giving a very low background. This device can be developed into a commercially available grid that can be used in electron microscopy experiments that avoids non-specific binding and gives scientists straightforward analysis of protein structures. Obvious applications include high-dilution sampling, viral concentrations in hospitals, protein function experiments in laboratories, and protein sampling from crude sources.

-High affinity for specific protein
-Low background interference from non-specific proteins
-Protein maintains native conformation

Potential Applications:
Feb 22, 2013
Utility Patent
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Nov 6, 2018

Feb 24, 2012
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