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College students already use Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to connect and share information, but rarely use them for academic purposes. Researchers at Purdue University have developed Mixable, a web tool that extends student connections beyond the classroom, giving them the ability to share information for courses and/or learning networks.

The foundation of Mixable is class-based sharing, allowing students to share audio, images, links, files, and more. Students can connect with their enrolled classes to share audio lectures, form custom study groups, and much more. The major benefits of Mixable are that it works inside Facebook and integrates with Twitter and Dropbox. Students can begin networking with little introduction given they already use these programs. Mixable is available as an iPhone and Android mobile app.

-Integrates into popular open tools that students already use
-Conveniently available on the web and mobile devices
-Collects shared resources for easy access
-Builds connections with other students as well as friends
-Lectures and class files available anywhere
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