Energy Management Control Systems for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles

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The global increase in energy prices has led to renewed interest in several fields of research. Increasing energy prices motivate scientists, engineers, and technologists to develop new ways of harnessing energy to improve overall system efficiency. Because transportation is such a major consumer of energy, even small improvements in efficiency can have a large impact on overall energy consumption. The use of electric vehicles to improve how we use energy for transportation is the challenge at hand.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed an electric powered and regenerative braking power management system for an electric vehicle of any size, similar to a hybrid electric-human powered recumbent cycle driven by a brushless DC hub motor. The regenerated braking energy is captured using ultracapacitors and later transferred to the auxiliary battery or used directly to power the vehicle as needed. Because ultracapacitors can absorb large amounts of energy very quickly, they offer significant efficiency advantages over battery only regenerative braking systems. When desired, the flow of energy can be reversed in order to power the vehicle, especially in situations where sudden acceleration is required. The system is also modular. By using a unique printed circuit board similar to a mother board of a personal computer, users are able to add different functions by connecting auxiliary devices as needed. Lastly, this system, working additively with the human powered aspect of the travel, adds to the overall riding experience, leading to an increased value of the electric vehicle.

-Stores captured energy to ultracapacitor to recharge the battery or for later use
-Faster acceleration than battery only
-Modular and customizable to all electric-powered and hybrid-powered vehicles

Potential Applications:
-Green Technology
-Clean Energy
Mar 23, 2011
Utility Patent
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Oct 29, 2013

Oct 28, 2013
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Mar 23, 2010
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