High Power Silicon-on-Insulator Amplifiers

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Silicon is an ideal technology for implementing an entire electronic system given the various components of the system, e.g., digital, analog, memory, and RF components, can be integrated on a single substrate or chip. One bottleneck for silicon-based, single-chip design is the implementation of a high performance power amplifier. While the feasibility of silicon-based power amplifiers on a silicon substrate has recently been demonstrated, commercially available designs provide relatively low output power and low efficiency performance.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) high power amplifier that overcomes the shortcomings of current technology. This new power amplifier design, based on transistor stacking, shows improved performance in output power and efficiency. Higher efficiency translates to lower system cost and longer battery endurance for portable devices.

-Higher efficiency
-Greater output power
-Total system cost is reduced
-Translates to longer battery endurance for portable devices

Potential Applications:
-Component for cellular phones and other portable communication systems
Mar 12, 2013
United States
Nov 17, 2015

Jan 4, 2013
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Oct 15, 2013

Mar 9, 2011
Utility Patent
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Feb 5, 2013

Mar 10, 2010
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