All-Order Polarization Mode Dispersion Compensation

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As bit rates increase, all order polarization mode dispersion (PMD) compensation appears to be the premier way to increase the length of fiber communications. A demand exists for a technology that can perform all-order PMD compensation in existing fiber communication systems. A limitation of current algorithms is their differential group delay (DGD), which must be in the tens of picoseconds for them to be useful for real applications.

Purdue University researchers have demonstrated a novel and robust algorithm for all-order PMD compensation that could be applied to real fiber communication systems. This algorithm can be applied with much larger DGD values than previous test algorithms and can reduce the response time of the communication device.

-Further reaching fiber optics
-Lowered response time

Potential Applications:
-Algorithm Technology
Apr 17, 2009
Utility Patent
United States
Dec 3, 2013

Apr 18, 2008
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