Mechanical Testing of Thin Films at Micro- and Nanoscale

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Due to the rapid growth of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) and Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS), mechanical testing of materials at the nanoscale has become a major requirement in the wide commercialization of this technology. One of the limiting factors of nano testing is the accurate measurement of displacement with nanometer resolution. Optical fiber displacement sensors have been proposed, but the interpretation of the optical difference phase is very difficult and requires complicated measurement devices.

Purdue University researchers have developed a novel optical fiber displacement sensor that has nanometer axial displacement resolution. This sensor can also be configured for use as a microscope. This technology can measure the mechanical displacement of nanotechnology materials and devices both accurately and repeatedly.

-Can be applied to surface profiling, microstrain measurement, vibration measurement, and in situ monitoring of thin film deposition process
-Immune to electromagnetic interference below the optical spectrum
-Compact, robust, and used in hard-to-reach places
-More accurate displacement measurement in the nanometer range
-Less noise sensitive
Dec 12, 2005
Utility Patent
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Mar 6, 2007

Dec 13, 2005

Dec 13, 2004
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