3D Transformer for High Frequency Applications

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Purdue University researchers have developed a novel method for not only the fabrication of 3D high quality factor inductors, but also, 3D high quality factor transformers on integrated circuit substrates.

The quality factor of current technologies breaks down at high frequencies, but this new method achieves quality factors greater than 60 for inductors and transformers for a wide frequency range. It also has a very high power transfer ratio, up to 95 percent, making it ideal for use in high performance RF applications.

-Fabrication of integrated high quality factors inductors and transformers
-Can operate at frequencies up to 7 GHz with a high quality factor
-Improved performance and power transfer ratio

Potential Applications:
-High Performance RF Communications
Dec 5, 2005
Utility Patent
United States
Oct 16, 2007

Dec 7, 2005

Dec 8, 2004
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