The Super Wonder Wedge

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Commercially available, ready-to-assemble furniture is lacking in ease of construction by the end user and overall quality. A Purdue University researcher has developed a joint construction method which simplifies the construction process while increasing quality.

The Super Wonder Wedge is a joint construction device that is either extruded or cast and used especially for furniture and the like. The Super Wonder Wedge allows for different leg, apron, and tops to be configured in multiple designs to facilitate versatility in manufacturing knockdown furniture products. Further, it is a device that solidly assembles and locks together furniture without the use of any hand or power tools while decreasing the time and complexity of the manufacturing process.

-Improved furniture quality
-Simplified construction process
Apr 27, 2004
Design Patent
United States
Jul 4, 2006

Apr 27, 2004
United States
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