Fan Proof Goal Post With Optimally Offset Support Structure

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Football goal post are typically fabricated in a "slingshot" shape with a single gooseneck. Celebrating fans often tear down goal posts, even those that are marketed as being able to withstand fan loading, presenting a clear danger to the celebrating fans and a potential liability to athletic departments.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a design for a goal post that consists of a dual gooseneck construction with the crossbar mounting locations carefully chosen for strength, stiffness, and durability. The additional material preserves an aesthetic appearance similar to the single gooseneck construction. The choice of placing the crossbar to gooseneck connections at the optimal offset distance gives several non-obvious advantages. This technology is designed to support the weight of 80 fans, each weighing 250 pounds.

-Preserved aesthetic appearance
-Possesses strength, stiffness, and durability

Potential Applications:
-Football stadiums
Dec 23, 2002
Design Patent
United States
Dec 21, 2004

Nov 22, 2004
Design Patent
United States

Dec 16, 2002
United States
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