Micropump for High Heat Flux Cooling

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Rapidly decreasing feature sizes and increasing power density in microelectronic devices has necessitated development of novel cooling strategies to achieve high heat removal rates from these devices. Heat removal rates in excess of 200 W/cm2 have been projected for the next generation of personal computing devices. Microchannel heat sinks have the potential to achieve these heat removal rates, and therefore, have been studied for over two decades. However, the high-pressure drops encountered in microchannels have precluded their widespread use thus far. This is because an external pump would be required to drive the fluid through the microchannels, which would require relatively large amounts of power and space, both of which are at a premium in microelectronic devices.

Purdue University researchers have developed a novel device that overcomes these problems, a micropump that can meet the aggressive requirements of microchannel heat sinks. The pump has the potential to offer very high flow rates and has excellent miniaturization potential. In addition, it has a low input power requirement and can be fully integrated into the microchannel heat sinks. Moreover, with a variation of the pump design, high pressure heads can be generated at both the inlet and outlet of the microchannels and in the overall flow loop, rendering the use of an external pump to drive the fluid through the external heat exchanger unnecessary.

-Capable of achieving higher flow rates and pressure heads than currently available pump designs
-Minaturizable down to hundreds of micrometers; thus, making it suitable for use in integrated cooling systems
-Fully compatible with silicon microfabrication processes
-No limitation on the types of working fluids that can be pumped

Potential Applications:
May 30, 2006
Utility Patent
United States
Sep 28, 2010

Dec 8, 2004

Dec 10, 2003
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