Piezoelectric Resonant Devices with Integrated Sensors

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Piezoelectricity is the charge that builds up in certain solid masses in response to mechanical stress. Piezoelectricity is used for many applications ranging from production and detection of sound to electric cigarette lighters.

Purdue University researchers have developed techniques to integrate temperature, viscosity, and density sensors into ultra-low power, ultralight, thin-profile piezoelectric fans and microjet generating devices that are used for cooling components in portable electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, and PDAs. The underlying idea is to use the intrinsic properties of these devices to feed information back about temperature, viscosity, and density of the fluid to the device controller instead of using additional sensing elements of circuitry.

-Eliminates need for additional sensing elements in circuitry
-Integration of sensing elements can substantially increase the performance and reduce power consumption of piezoelectric fans, pumps, and microjet generators

Potential Applications:
-Computer Hardware
May 23, 2001
Utility Patent
United States
Mar 30, 2004

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